My Experience With SEO Ranking Factors 2019

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

In order to get your content to be seen by people who are searching for related topics, you need to make sure your content is using popular keywords, is a secure website, is mobile friendly, has optimal page speed, and has relevant content. This could potentially increase your sites revenue by showing more ads to more people or gaining more affiliate commissions.

I started an engineering YouTube channel during college in 2013 and I quickly learned from doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking research that the title of the videos needed to match the same key words people are searching for to rank higher on the YouTube search. I wasn’t successful doing this for every video, but you learn as you go.

SEO is the process of driving and increasing traffic to a website from organic search engines results. This can be done manually or by using software or a service to optimize a the website for you.

A List of The Most Important SEO Ranking Factors You Should Consider:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Secure Website (SSL)
  • Page Speed
  • Relevant Content

Mobile Friendly

When creating a website, make sure it is mobile friendly. This is one of the major SEO factors when ranking a site because more people are searching using their mobile devices rather than desktops.

Make sure the site has simple navigation and images are small enough to fit a typical mobile device.

Secure Website (SSL)

Adding an SSL certificate can enable your site to have the https:, the “S” is for secure. https sites will load faster than http sites.

Page Speed

We live in a “need it now” world. You could potentially lose revenue if your content doesn’t load fast enough for the consumer. For the best search engine ranking you want to make sure the content on your site loads quickly. One way to make your page load quickly is by reducing image sizes.

Relevant Content

When trying to get your sites rank higher on search engines make sure the content on the site is relevant to what you want your site to be about. Also when writing posts for your site, look at other sites with similar posts and word choices that are on the first page of the Google Website. This will help you get an idea on what words people are searching for. You should attempt to use popular keywords whenever possible in your posts.

Ranking higher on search engines like Google will bring more views to your page or video, which could increase your CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) if you have ads running on your site or video. This could also increase your earnings through affiliate commissions if you have any on your site or video.


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